Sexual health quickies

‘LGF Quickies’ are short videos presented by staff from The LGF. The aim is to give you important sexual health messages in a quick and entertaining way, and (hopefully!) for you to share them with your friends.

Sexual health top tips

Get tested, it's easy!

What happens at the Clinic?

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Rochdale and offer up our five top sexual health tips!

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Tameside & Glossop. It's easier than ever to get tested for HIV and STIs. In this episode we tell you how, and how you can get your hands on a home testing kit.

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Manchester Centre for Sexual Health and talk to Dr. Gabriel, who answers your questions about what to expect when you go to a sexual health clinic. Do they really use a metal umbrella? Find out in this video!

Undetectable viral load


Going to the sauna

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Salford on a windy Summer afternoon and ask what exactly is an undetectable viral load.

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Trafford to talk about safer cruising.

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to the sauna. What actually happens in a sauna? What can you expect? Marc visits a sauna to find out. PLEASE this video was shot in the dark, and some sections were shot in noisy locations - do not adjust your set! :-)

How safe is oral sex?

Let's talk about poppers


In this episode of the LGF Quickies, we head to MediaCityUK in Salford and ask "Just how safe is oral sex?" Should you wear a condom? We've got the answers.

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Bury and talk about the effect of Poppers. Often known as 'room aromas', this recreational drug is very popular with gay and bisexual men. But what exactly are the effects and dangers?

In this episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Manchester's gay Village on a rainy Summer afternoon and talk about barebacking.

Why is it important to carry a safer sex pack?

When is the best time to bring up condom use?

What stops some guys from getting tested?

In this episode we talk about why it's important why you carry a LGF Safer Sex Pack with you.

This episode: when you've pulled, when does the subject of condoms arise, and should you raise it first... or him?

Today we took to a busy (and very loud!) Canal Street to ask guys what they think stops some men from going for a sexual health test.

Syphilis and Gonorrhoea

HIV transmission

The new LGF Safer Sex Packs!

Filmed on a rainy Summer day in Manchester (apologies for the sound quality), the fourth episode of LGF Quickies with Peter Boyle looks at the rising incidence of syphilis and gonorrhoea in gay and bisexual men. And what you can do to combat it.

In the fifth episode of LGF Quickies, our new presenter Marc Robinson braves a rainy Manchester Summer day and looks at HIV transmission in gay and bisexual men. How HIV is passed on, and how you can avoid it.

In the sixth episode of LGF Quickies, we take to the cobbled streets of Manchester's famous Canal Street and introduces the brand new LGF Safer Sex Packs for gay and bisexual men.

Condom breakage

Know Your Status

Post Exposure Prophylaxis

In the first episode of LGF Quickies, we look at some of the reasons condoms might break, and what to do to ensure you get the best from your condoms and water-based lube.

In the second episode of LGF Quickies, we look at why it's so important that you know your HIV status.

In the third episode of LGF Quickies, Peter Boyle (our Sexual Health Co-ordinator) looks at PEP - or Post Exposure Prophylaxis.