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Have you got a manic life and struggling to fit health care in?

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Prefer to take testing in an environment more suited to you?

Are you a gay or bisexual man aged 16 or over living in Greater Manchester?

Then the Dry Blood Spot HIV Home Testing Kit is perfect for you!

The LGF know that if you’re a busy guy trying to fit in everything that you have going on in your life; why should you compromise your sexual health?

What is it?

The Dry Blood Spot HIV sampling kit comprises of;

  • Alcohol prep pads ( to clean your finger)
  • Two lancets (these are similar to those used for testing your blood sugar levels - it’s just a little prick)
  • A blood collection card (this is what you’ll put your blood on so it can be tested)
  • A plaster to cover your finger         


Simply pop into the building, Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, we’ll ask you a few questions to see that you meet the criteria for our scheme and if you do then we’ll give you a kit there and then!

Or you can order a kit online by clicking here.

What happens next?

You’ll typically get your results within 2 weeks and you can choose how you receive them on the form you fill in.

How to use the kit

This service is from The Lesbian & Gay Foundation and RU Clear, supported by the MAC AIDS Fund and the Manchester Centre for Sexual Health.

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