In all areas of our daily lives, we need to seek out and celebrate diversity.

! - 72% of trans people have experienced some kind of harassment in a public place.*

! - 21% of trans people reported not going out because of previous harassment in public.*

* Engendered Penalties, Press for Change, 2007

A transphobic hate crime is any criminal offence motivated by prejudice or hatred based on a person’s trans identity.

Reporting a transphobic hate crime or incidents is just as important as reporting homophobic crimes and incidents and should be reported with the same urgency.

Further support

TREC is an independent organisation that welcomes all trans people (18+) – including, but not limited to, people who identify as transgender, transsexual, cross-dresser, transvestite, androgynous, gender queer, gender non-conforming, dual gendered, polygender, gender questioning, intersex and anyone else who feels that the gender assigned to them at birth incorrectly or incompletely describes their gender.

If you would like more information contact:


Tel: 07513 880647

GIRES Transphobic Crime Reporting Service

Alternative methods of reporting, either online or by using a form that you can print off and send via surface mail. Offers help from the trans support organisations and even report the crime to the police if desired.