Advice for Parents

  1. Give your child love and affection.
  2. Give your child time, attention and praise. Showing praise and recognition to your child, boosts their confidence and enhances their beliefs to achieve anything.
  3. Give your children clear limits and teach them right from wrong. Children thrive on firm boundaries and consistent, loving approaches to discipline.
  4. Make time for play.
  5. Get involved in your child’s education. Supporting children through education promotes and improves learning and development.
  6. Get children used to healthy food from the start. A healthy diet helps improve mood and behaviour and enables them to concentrate and learn at school.
  7. Read with your child.
  8. Try to be the kind of person you want your child to be. Be a good role model. Children learn from what we do, who we are and often, what we say.
  9. Get outdoors and get moving. Getting children out of the house and doing physical activity is a daily essential. It helps them burn off energy, have fun and sleep well at night.
  10. Look after yourself. As well as being happy and healthy themselves, children need happy and healthy parents too.