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  • Anonymous

    My trust with Bodey is not with one single GP or nurse but in the practice as a whole. I’ll see any GP or nurse because I know I’ll get good care.

  • Bryn

    This place closed about 2 years ago and has been derelict ever since! There are no gay bars in Morecambe.

  • Anonymous

    They made me feel at ease by using appropriate terminology. A non-heterosexist healthcare environment – spread the word of good practice!

  • Anonymous

    It is the first time I have felt that my sexuality wasn’t patholigized and that I am being treated as an ordinary person seeking ordinary medical assistance irrespective of my sexual identity. Yet, at the same time, it has been clear that they understand that my needs can sometimes be different to those of a heterosexual woman and are more than happy to meet them. It isn’t one-size fits all.”

  • Anonymous

    I have a fantastic GP - Dr Phil Clode at City Health Centre. I suffered from depression (it really wasn't Manchester's fault!), Dr Clode was really helpful and gave me a leaflet about The LGF and made me aware of LGBT services on offer within Manchester. It is a great practice and I wanted to pass on my positive experience.

  • Mac

    LOVE beareoke on a Sunday!!