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Waves Hotel, 12 Wilshaw Road, FY2 9SH.

Gay friendly guesthouse in Blackpool's North Shore.

Tel: 01253 592 312
Website: http://www.wavesblackpool.co.uk Email: john@wavesblackpool.co.uk

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Westfield House, 78 Lord St, FY1 2DG.

Gay friendly hotel primarily for adult couples & single people.

Tel: 01253 621992
Website: www.westfieldhousehotel.co.uk Email: westfield_house@hotmail.com

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The Wilcot Hotel, 80 Lord St, FY1 2DG.

Gay friendly Blackpool hotel.

Tel: 01253 621101
Website: www.wilcothotel.com Email: info@wilcothotel.com

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Willowfield Guest House, 52 Banks St, FY1 2BE.

BAG's accredited Blackpool Guesthouse.

Tel: 01253 623406
Website: www.willowfield-guesthouse.co.uk Email: willowfieldgh@blueyonder.co.uk

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Windsor House, 47-49 Dickson Rd, FY1 2AT.

BAG's accredited guesthouse.

Tel: 01253 206 206
Website: www.windsorhouse.info Email: reservations@windsorhouse.info

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Woodleigh, 11 Yates St, FY1 2DE.

Friendly hotel in Blackpool's North Shore.

Tel: 01253 624997
Email: bookings@woodleighhotel.co.uk

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Worcester House, 22 Cocker St, FY1 2BY.

Good value, welcoming Blackpool hotel.

Tel: 01253 620007

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Acqua Sauna Club, 25-27 Springfield Rd.

North West's longest running sauna complex for Gay, Bi-Sexual and Bi- Curious Men.

Tel: 01253 294610
Website: www.acquasaunas.com Email: info@acquasaunas.com

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Honeycombe Sauna, 97-107 Egerton Road, FY1 2NN.

Blackpool’s largest & liveliest Sauna & Leisure Complex for Gay and Bi-Sexual men.

Tel: 01253 752211
Website: www.honeycombe.net

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Wet Wet Wet, 1-3 Charles St, FY1 3GE.

Mixed Sauna

Tel: 01253 751199
Website: www.wetwetwetsauna.co.uk

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Daran Hairdressing, 10 Edward St, FY1 1JH.

Unisex hairdressers in Blackpool.

Tel: 01253 441000
Website: www.darans.co.uk

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Evolution Hair Studio, 255 Dickson Rd, FY1 2JH.

Salon in Blackpool.

Tel: 01253 620677

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Paul's Hairdressing, 5 General St, FY1 1RW.

Hairdresser's in Blackpool.

Tel: 01253 290928

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Smile Spa at Helio Fitness, Newton Dr, FY3 8JA.

Gay friendly gym.

Tel: 01253 393909

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The Garden Place, Cropper Road.

Horticultural nursery.

Tel: 01253 699987

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Atkinsons, Cave & Stuart, 45 Springfield Rd.


Tel: 01253 293106
Website: http://www.acslaw.co.uk/

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Backstage Bar, 135 St James St.

Gay friendly bar

Tel: 01282 414895

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Chlamydia Screening programme for Blackburn and Darwen, and East Lancashire for Under 25’s.

Tel: 0845 602 0894
Website: www.b-sure.org.uk Email: b.sure@bwdpct.nhs.uk

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Sexual Health Clinic Blackpool, St Peter's Centre.

Sexual health clinic.

Tel: 01282 644300

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Red Triangle Café, 160 St James St, BB11 1NR.

Vegetarian cafevin Burnley town centre.

Tel: 01282 832 319

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