Developing excellence


What we do

The volunteers and staff of the LGF are key to our success and the quality of the services we are able to provide to LGB people. Robust and well conceived systems and procedures are crucial to our work to enable our people to fulfil their roles.

The LGF has grown organically and continues to grow incrementally, and the continuous development of systems, procedures and the training of staff and volunteers is key to ensuring the success of this growth.

Our core activities supporting this goal are:

External Engagement which involves working with local, regional and national government to ensure LGB input and presence within democratic structures; working with the NHS, public bodies and other voluntary organisations and groups to promote the needs of LGB people; and to ensure that services are as accessible to LGB people as possible.

Income Generation this involves designing and running a programme of fundraising activities and ensuring that bids to trusts and foundations, as well as contracts for public sector commissioners, which enable us to provide continued services to LGB communities, include an appropriate share of our central costs.

Finance which involves ensuring that sleek and effective processes are in place to collect and pay cash, invoice commissioners, chase late payments and to report on financial performance both monthly and annually and to forecast the future financial position of the charity.

Human Resources which involves ensuring that volunteers and staff are equipped with the skills and training necessary to fulfil their roles and that managers and other staff have available the best possible advice to enable them to manage their programmes.

Information Technology which involves the provision of IT and telephony infrastructure to meet the ever-changing needs of service-delivery staff, ensuring compliance with data protection and other requirements and resolving ICT problems speedily as they arise.

Venue which involves providing a workplace which is fit for purpose and servicing the needs of users of the building.

Securing Investors in People Accreditation this will give the LGF external recognition of the work it has done to enhance people management systems and embed good HR practices in the LGF at a time of growth.

Maintaining Investors in Volunteers Accreditation continuing to support the involvement and development of our volunteer base, providing mutually beneficial and high quality volunteer opportunities to support the people we serve.

Developing Financial Systems and Reporting these are key to the future success of the LGF. Systems will be strengthened to ensure accurate reporting, prudent cost control and the rapid collection of money owed to us.

Break Even and plan long term sustainability the achievement of the priority above will support the prospects for the future long term sustainability of the LGF.

Consolidating existing and securing new sources of funding at a time of rapid change in the political and economic environment, it is important that the LGF both ensures that current funding streams are as secure as possible, and also that new funding streams are sought and secured.

The need

Θ The LGF harnesses and is built upon the talent, dedication and commitment of over 200 staff, Trustees, and volunteers, and thousands more supporters, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Θ The LGF has been in existence since 2000 and has continued to deliver innovative, evidence-based and needs-led services for LGB communities throughout all of this time.

Θ The economic climate has resulted in many charities working harder for shrinking statutory and private resources. This adds a renewed emphasis to cost-effective working.  We will prioritise what we can do year on year within the resources we have available, and we must recognise that we can’t do everything.  We will only deliver against the investment we receive.

Θ Building resilience during the economic downturn will be important for the LGF as will controlling and reducing costs, retaining our current resources, and maximising the uses of our existing assets.

Θ Within and beyond the charity sector there is a wide range of standards and guides to best practice, which the LGF will use to benefit the organisation and its customers, seeking compliance and quality assurance at all and every level.

The approach

Θ To enhance and transform LGF’s culture to create an environment in which staff and volunteers can excel, feel supported and valued, adopting a care management approach appreciating our individual and collective contributions.

Θ To further develop LGF’s customer-focus to an uncompromising high level of customer satisfaction, to be able to respond effectively to changing needs and remodel our services around these, ensuring access for all as a key guiding principle.

Θ To further develop strong and positive team working, investing in our development, celebrating our achievements, supporting, empowering and respecting each other, and making sure everyone at the LGF matters.

Θ To strengthen LGF’s financial position by building reserves and producing high impact financial reporting systems, working towards financial independence and self-sufficiency, and incorporating the principles of full cost recovery in our applications for financial investment.

Θ To further expand our enterprising and entrepreneurial activity, driving forward our future growth in order to survive and thrive.

Θ To become an even more performance-oriented and evidence-led organisation and be publicly acknowledged as such to strengthen our reputation amongst stakeholders and funders, submitting and winning industry awards.

Θ To recognise that a wide diversity exists within LGB communities, requiring different targeted approaches and that to achieve our objectives requires the support and involvement of all members within our communities.

The ambition

Over the course of the next five years we will seek investment to:

Θ Develop new ways to interact with our service users and customers, and feed back their experience into organisational design and the development of new services, to continuously improve our delivery.

Θ Measure the impact and outcomes of our work in order to improve on what we deliver and understand better what further needs to be done.  We will particularly pay attention to communicating and celebrating our achievements.

Θ Develop the LGF’s influence and extend our reach at the national, regional and local level.

Θ Include LGB people at the heart of all that we do to systematically engage them in all of our work and ensure that their knowledge and experience inform our developments.

Θ Integrate all of the charity’s resources and outputs in order to achieve our objectives.

Θ Build new partnerships with charities and commercial organisations to develop new services to meet the needs of LGB people and public sector commissioners.

Θ Sustain and diversify our approaches to raising income to maximise the potential for financial investment, and spread the risk and over-reliance on individual sources of funding.

Θ Maintain the quality of our financial systems to ensure the optimum use of our resources and a clear understanding of the financial implications of our decisions.

Θ Adopt best practice in the management of all of our people and aim to become known as a first class employer.  Annually undertake staff and volunteer satisfaction surveys.

Θ Deliver effective induction training to ensure that all of our people understand our values, our culture and our future direction.

Θ Invest in the training and skills development of our staff and volunteers, and further create a culture of continuing professional development.

Θ Design and manage an exemplary volunteer programme to harness the skills and enthusiasm of our volunteers, ensuring they are equipped to carry out their roles and that they are developed to meet the future needs of our communities.

Θ Develop a culture which embraces a solutions-focused approach to our work.

Θ Create a new sales-oriented approach to the development and marketing of our services.

Θ Improve our IT systems and support and make a significant investment whenever possible in our electronic processing systems.

Θ Introduce a Customer Relationship Management System, creating a single recording system to help us to become even more evidence based and needs led.

Θ Introduce a robust new performance management system to drive forward excellence, motivate and reward our staff and ensure the LGF delivers its objectives, commissioned outputs and achieves its desired outcomes.

Θ Continue to develop the governance programme and ensure the Board has the skills and training to effectively govern the organisation, regularly review its performance and manage risk proactively.

Θ Obtain and maintain quality standards such as Investors in People, Investors in Volunteers, Positive about Disabled People, Fundraising Standards, and seek and sustain accreditation for all of our eligible services.

Θ Have the quality and success of our work publicly acknowledged by the receipt of awards.

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